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If a Norwegian course at the language school or Norwegian learning books are too boring, you can also learn Norwegian with an Norwegian learning app or an Norwegain online course. It doesn’t matter why you want to learn Norwegian.

The great advantage of online courses is that you can learn whenever you have time. This can be, for example, while waiting for the bus, on the train or in the waiting room of a doctor.

On the other hand, an online course lacks personal contact with a teacher. You are neither corrected in the pronunciation, nor can you ask questions.

Norwegian Babbel

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Learn Norwegian with Babbel – Can you really learn Norwegian that easily with Babbel’s language course?

For several months now, one of the market leaders in the field of “learning languages online” has also been offering Norwegian in its program.

Who doesn’t know Babbel’s eye-catching orange advertising banners? Babbel’s TV ads are also running on many channels and are omnipresent. What may seem a bit annoying at first glance, however, also shows that Babbel is not only heavily advertised, but also recommended and tried out by many independent websites and people interested in Norwegian.

Therefore, I have now made my own picture of the Babbel Norwegian course.

30238_640 Learn Norwegian with Babbel

Babbel offers a free 20 days for a full refund with every course. However, for me, it was already clear to like this course after 20 minutes.

What immediately stood out positively in the short trial period, however, were the texts and words that are read aloud by a native Norwegian speaker. This ensures good pronunciation right from the start. The tasks are simple and very varied. In addition to multiple-choice tasks, you have to fill in gaps and sort words into the right order.

Basically, you can try Babbel risk free. Just contact Babbel within 20 days for a full refund!

The conditions and prices

There are several subscription rates to choose from (price scale as of February 2023):

  • 3 months, 38,97 € / 12,99 € per month
  • 6 months, 59,94 € / 9,99 € per month
  • 12 months, 83,88 € / 6,99 € per month

Even if the longer subscriptions are significantly cheaper in monthly price, I recommend only a 3-month subscription for the beginning. During this time, you will quickly find out whether the learn Norwegian with Babbel learning method is actually suitable for your own learning style. After the first month, you can of course easily switch to the cheaper subscriptions.
Norwegian Babbel

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The membership offers even more features

Now that you have an account, you get access to more features. Among other things, you will find a pronunciation exercise. The Norwegian phrases are spoken by a native speaker. You then repeat the sentence. The app then rates your pronunciation with a green or red frame. After each completed lesson, you receive motivating words. You can also track your learning status via a learning progress indicator.

The advantages of Babbel

Anyone who has always preferred to sit in the back row at school and has only participated little in class can learn stress-free and without fear with this app. There are no other classmates to embarrass yourself in front of. You can use the app at your own learning speed. Unlike in group classes, you won’t be slowed down by slower students. On the other hand, you can repeat lessons as often as you like. Learn a little Norwegian in the evening before going to bed? Or on a boring train ride? With Babbel you can learn when you want, even on the toilet.


People who have little motivation of their own may have less learning success with this course. The reason is that no pressure is built up through compulsory homework. Those who let their Norwegian lessons slide do not expect negative consequences or nasty looks from a teacher or classmates. Except for the pronunciation exercise, there is no feedback, like from a real teacher. The app does second an incorrect pronunciation, but does not give any tips or suggestions for improvement.

My conclusion of Babel Norwegian

As with any language, it is difficult to learn Norwegian without a “real” teacher. Nevertheless, you can quickly achieve basic learning success with Babbel, which will be perfectly sufficient for a trip to Norway. If you want to learn Norwegian fluently quickly, you will not get around a Norwegian language course at a language school.

Babbel is also highly recommended as a supplement to a language course, a textbook or a year abroad in Norway, because Babbel is unbeatable for practicing on the road. The best way to get an impression of Babbel is to take a free trial lesson. (Status of information and prices in this article: February 2023) Prices may have changed in the meantime.

Norwegian Babbel

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