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Toll in Norway is a thing! Although there is no general road toll in Norway, a toll is due in some places. Here, you find out more! ✓

Toll in Norway Travel through Norway without any trouble

Although there is no general road toll in Norway, a toll is due in some places.

The major construction projects, such as tunnels and bridges, are financed by tolls in Norway. In addition, the Norwegian state tries to keep drivers away from the cities in Norway with tolls, so that they prefer to use public transport. A ring of toll stations has been built around some cities, where everyone who wants to drive into the city has to pay.
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Toll in Norway – Without toll problems on the road in Norway

The amount of the toll in Norway varies from toll station to toll station. For vehicles up to 3,5to it is between NOK 15,00 and NOK 40,00 and for vehicles over 3,5to it is between NOK 25,00 and NOK 100,00.
Attention: There are also some sections that are much more expensive. If you want to cross the bridge over the Hardangerfjord (Hardangerbrua), you will pay up to NOK 150,00, or NOK 600,00 for vehicles over 3,5to. On you will find a current overview with the toll stations and costs.

Most of the toll stations (Bomsstasjon) are automated. This means that the license plates of the vehicles are photographed. There are only a few stations left where you have to pay the toll in cash.

Tollpass in norway

In general, there are three ways to pay the applicable toll:

1. Pre-registration on

If you are traveling to Norway as a tourist by car or camper van, you can easily register in advance with AutoPASS using your credit card and license plate number. You can then pass through the Norwegian toll booths without stopping.
During account registration, an amount (currently NOK 300.00 for vehicles under 3.5to and NOK 1,000.00 for vehicles over 3.5to / as of 03/2014) will be charged to your credit card. When passing the toll booths, the toll due will be automatically deducted from the deposited credit. Any remaining amount will be credited to your credit card 85 days after the last passage at a toll booth.

2. Subsequent payment of tolls by invoice

If you have not registered with AutoPASS, the vehicle owner will receive an invoice by mail. Alternatively, you can pay the accrued toll at a toll service station within three working days.

Toll in Norway

3. AutoPASS chip contract

This third option is for those who travel regularly or for more than two months in Norway. At a toll service station you can sign a contract with AutoPASS. For a deposit of NOK 200.00 (as of 03/2019), you will receive an AutoPASS chip that must be placed behind the windshield.
Each time you pass through a toll station, it will be registered on your customer account. You will receive an invoice at regular intervals. If you no longer need the AutoPASS chip, you can return it to AutoPASS at any toll service station or by mail. You will then be refunded your deposit.

Anyone who thinks they can get around the toll in Norway should be wary.
Anyone who passes manual toll stations without stopping or ignores the bills must reckon with sometimes considerable additional charges and reminder costs.

Motorcycles do not pay tolls in Norway.

You can find more information about tolls in Norway here:

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