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Norwegian Dictionary – Your guide to the best online and book options for effective Norwegian learning. [OFFERS & TIPS]

Norwegian Dictionary - The best English-Norwegian dictionaries

Have you ever wondered which Norwegian dictionary would be best for you? Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced Norwegian learner, the right dictionary can make a big difference to your learning journey. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of Norwegian dictionaries, both online and in book form.

Two types of Norwegian dictionaries: Norwegian online dictionaries vs. Norwegian dictionaries in book form

Imagine strolling through the streets of Oslo, surrounded by the majestic architecture and fresh sea air. Your stomach growls and you think of a traditional Norwegian dish you would like to try. “Salmon” comes to mind, but how do you say it in Norwegian?

In situations like this, dictionaries are real lifesavers. But what kind of dictionary should you choose?

Norwegian online dictionaries

With the advancement of technology, online dictionaries have become fast, convenient and easily accessible. Here are some advantages:

  1. Speed: A few keystrokes or a touch on the screen, and voilà – you have your translation.
  2. Timeliness: Online dictionaries are updated regularly. When new words enter the language, you’ll often find them online first.
  3. Portability: No extra weight in your backpack. With a smartphone, you have access to a wealth of words and phrases.

Norwegian Dictionary - Dictionary

Norwegian dictionaries in book form

Traditional dictionaries have retained their own charm and usefulness despite the digital revolution. Here are some of their strengths:

  1. Reliability: they don’t require an internet connection. This makes them useful in remote areas or places with a poor network.
  2. Feel: Flicking through the pages of a dictionary can be satisfying and provides a physical learning experience that can sometimes be more effective.
  3. Immersion: A physical dictionary often allows you to delve deeper into word meanings, examples and collocations.

Although online dictionaries are the convenient and quick way for many, there are still many who appreciate the feel and reliability of a traditional book. It’s a personal choice, based on preferences and needs. But no matter which choice you make, the most important thing is that you use your dictionary and that it helps you discover the beauty of the Norwegian language on your journey.

The best Norwegian dictionaries in book form

When we look at physical dictionaries, there are some outstanding titles that are highly regarded by Norwegian learners.

Langenscheidt Universal Norwegian Dictionary

The Langenscheidt Universal Norwegian Dictionary is perfect for travelers. It is compact, lightweight and yet contains a wealth of terms that are relevant to everyday life. You can read more about this in our Norwegian learning aids.

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Find the Langenscheidt Dictionary on*

Norwegian Pocket Dictionary

Compact and comprehensive, the Berlitz Pocket Dictionary is suitable for travellers, students or professionals. Blue headwords make entries acessible while its size makes the book handy and portable.

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The best online dictionaries

In today’s digital world, online dictionaries are a gift. They are constantly updated, easily accessible and often free. is more than just a dictionary. It is a community. Users can add terms, making it one of the most comprehensive online Norwegian dictionaries (Bokmål). You can also find Norwegian vocabulary cards to expand your vocabulary. | English-Norwegian dictionary | Engelsk-norsk (Bokmål) ordbok

Google Translate

Although Google Translate is often criticized, it is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to simple translations or understanding the context. But be careful and don’t rely on it 100%, especially when it comes to complex sentences or the most important words in Norwegian.

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Choosing the best Norwegian dictionary ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a traditional book or an online dictionary, the most important thing is that you use it regularly. Because, as with everything in life, practice is the key to success.

Good luck with your Norwegian learning journey!