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A Business Norwegian language course not only opens up more perspectives and broadens the view – it is nowadays simply an indispensable key competence for the profession. Anyone who has mastered a foreign language can communicate with people easily and without obstacles. Especially for the profession, this offers more opportunities for advancement in the company and a career as desired.

Read on if you’re looking for a course that:

  • Provides everything you need for your work in Norwegian
  • Provides practical vocabulary and relevant phrases
  • Provides complete Norwegian business vocabulary in the shortest possible time thanks to unique long-term memory learning method.
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Learn Business Norwegian with this highly efficient language course

In addition to Norwegian language courses for beginners, there are also Norwegian business language courses, which are specially equipped with situations from professional life and the corresponding vocabulary. With a business language course, not only can basic knowledge be refreshed, but also explicit business vocabulary and phrases can be learned. This is especially necessary in intercultural situations to avoid misunderstandings. In important contexts such as contracts and agreements, every word counts to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Norwegian Business Language Course – Learn comfortably from home or on the road

With this Norwegian business language course you learn comfortably from home. You don’t need to follow fixed dates, but can organize the learning process individually and flexibly. While learning the language in the target country – Norway – itself also offers great advantages, this is a practical alternative especially if you are heavily involved in your job, family or private life. You do not have to change your everyday life for the course.

Business Norwegian Online Course

-> Get access to your personal Norwegian Business Online Course now and convince yourself risk-free thanks to 31 days money back guarantee* <-.

With just a few minutes a day, you can make immense progress within a very short time. It doesn’t matter whether you learn in the morning, in the evening, or just whenever you feel like it. Even on the way to work you can already complete your daily lesson on the road or on business trips. The waiting time is used efficiently and practically integrated. The software can be used from anywhere and is also innovative and varied.

Content of Norwegian Business Online Course

The course includes an extensive complete training. Grammar rules are repeated and deepened as well as new structures are learned. Of course, specific business vocabulary is a focus, but also practical phrases and idioms to be able to communicate fluently and confidently in Norwegian.

In intercultural contexts, all participants have specific experiences, values, attitudes and actions that are shaped by their culture of origin. In another culture, however, typical behaviors may be perceived quite differently from what is actually intended. This is why intercultural sensitivity is also important – while some people are very direct and brash, others are reserved and polite. Nevertheless, in order to correctly interpret such signs, which are often expressed by linguistic phrases, appropriate knowledge is required. This is how negotiation talks become a success.

The structure of the Norwegian Business language course is based on the modern findings of learning theory. Complex learning tasks train both linguistic accuracy and listening and reading comprehension. Speaking is also not neglected, so that you complete a holistic and comprehensive training. Through a variety of methods you learn the language in a motivated way and different senses are trained. The language course works with visual and auditory stimuli, making learning a joyful experience. Learning Norwegian has never been so easy and intuitive.

Business vocabulary and phrases

For a confident and self-assured appearance, verbal language is the most important criterion next to body language. In a business context, there are always typical misunderstandings. Often words and phrases that are common in German but have developed a new meaning far removed from the original language cause confusion on the international stage. That’s why it’s important to have the right words ready for the appropriate situation. Embarrassments are a thing of the past. The Norwegian business language course prepares you for all imponderables and misunderstandings.

The modern learning techniques

The innovative learning method of the course, which is also used Tunisian child language course, makes learning literally child’s play. Through the effective long-term memory method, new words are asked in a certain rhythm. A new word is tested every day until it is known immediately. After that the interval of the queries increases in 2, 4, 8 or 16 days. This ensures that the vocabulary is not only available in the short term, but is memorized in the long term memory.

You decide how you want to repeat the vocabulary. You can choose between text input, flash repetition, multiple choice and many other methods. You won’t feel like you’re back in the school days thanks to this modern structure.

The long-term memory tasks are supplemented by various daily tasks. Here you efficiently train grammar, vocabulary as well as texts and phrases. This combination makes the Business Norwegian online course particularly effective and efficient.

Networking with other learners

Your course participation also gives you the opportunity to join the Sprachenlernen24 Insider learning community. On the online platform you can share and compare your progress and daily points. This increases motivation for the upcoming stages.

In addition, you can exchange ideas with like-minded people and thus make new acquaintances or even friends. This makes the business language course a complete success for your career.

Business Norwegian Online Course

-> Get access to your personal Norwegian Business Online Course now and convince yourself risk-free thanks to 31 days money back guarantee* <-.