17-Minute-Language Norwegian | Is it worth it? [Review 2023]

17-Minute-Language Norwegian offers a well-structured and very promising online course. Is this course really that good? | Test for free!

17-Minute-Language Norwegian Is it worth it Review

Today I would like to introduce you to the basic Norwegian language course from 17-Minute-Language. On the provider’s site it is promised that anyone can learn Norwegian within only 3 months and with only about 15-17 minutes per day. A learning thread is supposed to lead through the course, which gives the learner daily tasks and daily goals.

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17-Minute-Language Norwegian language course – Tested for you<

17-Minute-Language Norwegian

The basic course contains over 1,300 words. This should be enough for the beginning.

In addition to the vocabulary, the basic language course also includes many dialog texts, a grammar section and many learning tips. The “unique long-term memory learning method” promises that you can converse fluently in Norwegian within a very short time.

For € 29.95 is thus much offered (or promised). What immediately stands out positively is that, unlike other online language courses, no monthly fee is due for access. The one-time fee promises online access that is valid for 10 years.

Let’s see if it really is that easy to learn Norwegian.

Learn Norwegian – “Learning Day No. 1”

On the home page, I am immediately told my tasks for today. Today’s task is a vocabulary task as a flash repetition.

After a few days of learning, other learning methods will be added.

Vocabulary task:

Today I will learn Norwegian vocabulary, which I will then be asked again in the next few days. Only when I have known a vocabulary word 5 times correctly, the word is considered learned.

17-Minute-Language Norwegian

After the English word is displayed first, the Norwegian translation is revealed by clicking on it. The Norwegian translation is then displayed, which is then read aloud by a speaker. The Norwegian pronunciation is memorized immediately.

With the green button you confirm that you have learned the vocabulary. If you do not know the vocabulary, click on the red cross. Then the vocabulary will be repeated during the exercise.

Flash repetition is only one of the many learning methods. In the next few days, more methods will be added.

If I learn an average of 7 words a day, then after 100 days I have already learned 700 Norwegian words, which corresponds to level 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

My vocabulary today:

  • Hwo much? – Hvor mye?
  • Welcome! – Velkommen!
  • yes – ja
  • no – nei
  • I – jeg
  • Hello! – Hei!
  • Sorry – Unnskyld

Text task:

In the text task of the first day you learn to greet someone and to introduce yourself. You also learn the first personal pronouns, numbers and the most important question words. You learn the first simple (but important) dialogues. As with the vocabulary, the dialog texts are read to me in Norwegian:

På ferie / On vacation

Henning er på ferie. Han møter Kristin. / Henning is on vacation. He meets Kristin.

Henning: “Hei, jeg heter Henning.” / Henning: “Hello, my name is Henning.”

17-Minute-Language Norwegian

By clicking on the small speaker next to the text, you can have the dialog read out to you as often as you like.

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Grammar task:

On the first day I learn optionally something about the two official Norwegian languages Nynorsk and Bokmal, or how to type the Norwegian special characters into the keyboard. In the next days I learn e.g. the declension of the masculines and everything about nouns.

I decide for “Nynorsk and Bokmål”:

Other task:

Finally, there is a learning tip: “How to cut your learning time by two-thirds using the association method”. The text is written in an understandable way and is not too long.

My conclusion after the first day of learning the 17-Minute-Language Norwegian language course

The structure of the basic course is self-explanatory. With 18 minutes, I’m a bit over the specified daily learning time. I have the feeling that I have already learned something well. But I still don’t feel overwhelmed or bored.

17-Minute-Language Norwegian

Tomorrow it continues…already I have collected 69 learning miles. In the online ranking I can measure myself with other Norwegian beginners. That motivates additionally.

For me, it won’t be a problem to take the 15-20 minutes every day. It’s best to schedule study time before or after your favorite TV show. Or you can study during the bus ride to work, on the sofa, or in bed at night.

You can log in from any computer or smartphone. The learning progress is saved online.

If you are prevented from attending one day, this should not be a problem. The next day you can simply repeat the tasks from a previous lesson and make up for lost time.

If you are now interested in the language course from 17-Minute-Language, but are not yet completely convinced, you can get a free and non-binding test account here.*

-> START TODAY! – Get instant access to your Norwegian online course. Test it without obligation, thanks to a 31 Day Money-Back Guarantee!*

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