The Mystery of Nils | Learn Norwegian with a fascinating story ✓

The Mystery of Nils | This book promises adventure and fun while you learn Norwegian. Learn Norwegian with a story! ✓

Thy Mystery of Nils Learn Norwegian with an fascinating story

Learning a new language on your own is usually anything but varied. Although there are language courses with accompanying CD and MP3 files that include auditory learning in addition to correct pronunciation, these language courses are more or less all structured according to the same scheme: Individual lessons with different topics in which the corresponding vocabulary and grammar are taught.

Find out why learning Norwegian with Nils is completely different.

The Mystery of Nils – Learn Norwegian with a fascinating story

The Mystery of Nils Learn Norwegian Book in Shelf kl
True to the motto Work befor pleasure, you have to hold for a very long time until you can read and understand entire books and short stories in Norwegian.

But once you are ready, you can improve your language skills through reading with fun and joy and keep trained. The Norwegian textbook that I would like to present to you takes advantage of this.

Learn Norwegian with a lot of fun!

With Nils and Skapago this is now possible! To make learning Norwegian fun right from the start, the team at Skapago has developed a very special Norwegian textbook. The book is called The Mystery of Nils

The Mystery of Nils

From the first lesson, vocabulary, grammar and learning tips are embedded in an exciting and continuous story, which develops into a real and exciting novel as the textbook progresses. Along the way, the reader learns useful things about the structure of Norwegian grammar and gets to know the first vocabulary words. In addition to the plot, appropriate lessons with exercises are built in, but they seem anything but boring and monotonous. Helpful tips, such as memorizing new words, are also presented in the textbook.

The learner finds himself directly in the position of the reader. Thanks to the exciting plot, one is always curious about the further course of the story and thus automatically continues reading. And reading in this case means learning.

Despite the relaxed structure and the idea that you can learn Norwegian with the help of a story, the grammar topics, irregular verbs and also the regional studies do not fall by the wayside.

To ensure that listening comprehension and Norwegian pronunciation are not neglected, the homepage belonging to the book contains many suitable audio files and videos explaining the pronunciation, as well as further exercises and a vocabulary trainer. This additional offer is free of charge.

In addition, for diligent learners, there is the option of attending appropriate video conferences with real teachers at an additional cost.

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Learn Norwegian with the help of a story

What is the book about?

Erna Langvik made a special birthday present for her eight-year-old granddaughter: A doll in the shape of a traditional Norwegian Nisse. This doll is called Nils and lives a happy life in Oslo with his new family. But by chance, Nils finds out that he means much more to Erna than just a birthday present. Without knowing it, he carries a painful secret with him. During an adventurous trip to northern Norway, he helps Erna make one of the most difficult decisions of her life…

Here’s my conclusion of the book the Mystery of Nils

The design of the book is friendly and appealing and looks very appealing. Pictures give the reader an additional insight into the Norwegian way of life and lighten up the book.

In terms of content, the book is a fully-fledged textbook that leaves no topic open in terms of grammar. Learners can use the book to reach level A1/A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

Whether Nils completely replaces a classical Norwegian course in a language school is difficult to answer. The personal discipline and motivation, why you learn Norwegian, play a decisive role.

In any case, this textbook brings you a lot further in the planned self-study thanks to the successful and diverse integration of the Internet. Good and fast progress, especially at the beginning of the self-study, is guaranteed!

But also as a diversified addition to a Norwegian study or a VHS course, the book The Mystery of Nils – Learn Norwegian with a fascinating story is highly recommended in any case.

Curious now? Here you’ll find the book on,* where you can also get a free look inside the book.

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Facts about the book

Paperback: 230 Seiten
Verlag: Skapago Publishing (May 7, 2014)
ISBN: 978-3945174005
Preis: $ 27.49

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