Norwegian learning Apps | The Best Apps to learn Norwegian

Learning Norwegian with apps is one of the most popular ways to learn Norwegian. Learn Norwegian anywhere, anytime. [To the app overview]

Norwegian learning Apps - The Best Apps to learn Norwegian

Thanks to smartphones and apps, you can learn vocabulary anywhere and at any time. There are currently more than a dozen “Norwegian” apps. But not every app is suitable for different types of learners. The apps also differ in price.

In this more detailed article, you will find a comprehensive comparison of various learning programmes, apps and online language courses that are designed to enable interested parties to learn Norwegian.

Although the language course pioneer Rosetta Stone does not offer a Norwegian course, there are many equally good alternatives, such as Babbel, 17-Minute-Languages, Mondly or Duolingo. So you have a good selection of prominent providers from the language learning programme sector and will find a app to learn Norwegian that meets your expectations.

Norwegian learning apps in comparison

Most Norwegian apps focus on learning Bokmål, as it is more widely spoken. When it comes to pronunciation, these programmes are often based on the Norwegian dialect spoken in Norway’s southern cities.

Below you will find a compact overview and evaluation of all the programmes, apps and online courses tested here that are offered for learning Norwegian. This is followed by a detailed evaluation of the language courses.

Provider Subscription or on-time payment Price from** Rating Demo / Testphase
17-Minute-Language* One-time payment from 59,00 € 2 days free demo / 31 days money-back guarantee
Babbel* both from 9,99 € 20 days money-back guarantee
Mondly* both from 9,99 € free lessons
Duolingo Subscription from 14,99 € free lessons
Memrise Subscription from 11,99 € free lessons
Pimsleur One-time payment from 300,00 $

**Price for 1 month with a term of 1 month for subscription models

17-Minute-Languages – Norwegian basic course

The Norwegian Basic Course from 17-Minute-Languages is a comprehensive online learning programme that offers over 1300 vocabulary words and a detailed grammar.

The content is geared towards acquiring a basic vocabulary and includes dialogue texts and phrases spoken by native Norwegian speakers. The course utilises the long-term memory learning method and offers daily exercises to achieve effective and sustainable language mastery.

It is compatible with various operating systems and devices and was last updated in 2024.

The course also offers motivating elements such as a points system and the opportunity to compare learning progress with others.

Logo 17 Minute Languages Provider: 17 Minute Languages
Levels: beginner, advanced, special vocabulary
Price: from 59,00 €
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: » Click here for the 2-day free demo «*



  • 2 days free demo
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • One-time payment with 10 years access

About the provider 17 Minute Languages:

17 Minute Languages, is a company specialising in the development and sale of language courses in over 80 different languages. The company, which was founded in 2002 (Sprachenlernen24), offers language courses for learners of 20 different native languages.

Our opinion on the Norwegian basic course from 17 Minute languages:

As a Norwegian learner, I was very impressed by the Norwegian language course from 17 Minute Languages. The combination of an extensive vocabulary, authentic dialogues and a thorough introduction to grammar provides a solid foundation for learning Norwegian. Particularly noteworthy is the long-term memory method, which facilitates the long-term memorisation of vocabulary.

The high-quality audio recordings by native speakers are also a great advantage, as they ensure clear and accent-free pronunciation. Reminiscent of Rosetta Stone’s language courses, this course is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian effectively and in depth.

Link to the provider and to the language course demo:

» Click here & Start right now with the 17 Minute Languages Norwegian course & free demo «*

Babbel – Norwegian learning app

The Babbel app for learning Norwegian is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

It offers easy-to-understand lessons and interactive tasks that make learning both fun and effective.

The courses focus on practical, everyday conversations, emphasising grammar and vocabulary in relation to their proximity to English. In addition to the learning material, Babbel offers access to a community where you can socialise with other learners and native speakers.

The first lesson is free, and the app offers affordable subscription prices.

Provider: Babbel
Levels: beginner, advanced
Price: from 9,90 € per month (based on 1 month)
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: no, but 20-day money-back guarantee



  • 20-day money-back guarantee
  • Discounts for bookings of 6 or 12 months duration, as well as lifetime versions

About the provider Babbel:

Babbel is a renowned provider of online language learning programmes offering a variety of languages, including Norwegian. Alongside Rosetta Stone and Mondly, Babbel is one of the largest and best-known language course providers on the web. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and interactive courses that focus on practical conversational skills and the cultural context of each language.

Our opinion on the Norwegian app from Babbel:

As a Norwegian lover, I am impressed with the Babbel Norwegian app. Its structured and intuitive user interface makes learning Norwegian accessible and enjoyable. I find the practical dialogue exercises particularly valuable, as they mirror real-life conversational situations and effectively improve pronunciation and vocabulary.

Babbel offers a balanced learning experience that is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

Link to the provider:

» Click here & start right now with the Babbel Norwegian App or get latest offers «*

Mondly – Norwegian learning app

The Mondly app for learning Norwegian offers free daily lessons to teach users the Norwegian language quickly and effectively.

The app focuses on memorising core vocabulary, forming sentences, speaking phrases and participating in conversations. Mondly uses advanced speech recognition technology and provides exercises for reading, listening, writing and speaking, supported by a dictionary and verb conjugator.

The lessons are divided into short, thematically organised units that make learning dynamic and adaptable to the user’s needs.

Provider: Mondly
Levels: beginner, advanced
Price: from 9,90 € per month (based on 1 month)
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: free lessons



  • Free lessons
  • Discounts when booking a 6 or 12-month term, as well as lifetime versions

About the provider Mondly:

Mondly is an innovative language learning app provider characterised by the use of modern technology such as artificial intelligence and speech recognition. The platform offers an interactive learning experience aimed at quickly learning practical language skills in a variety of languages, including Norwegian.

Our opinion on the Norwegian app from Mondly:

I think the Mondly Norwegian app is really great. Its innovative use of AI and speech recognition makes language learning an interactive and exciting experience.

It’s impressive how the app combines vocabulary and grammar learning with practical exercises, making it easier to understand and use Norwegian in real-life scenarios.

Link to the provider:

» Click here & start right now with the Mondly Norwegian App or get latest offers «*

Duolingo – Norwegian course

The Norwegian app from Duolingo is a user-friendly and playfully designed tool for learning Norwegian.

It uses a method where learners are introduced to the language through interactive exercises and games.

The app covers a variety of topics and is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners.

Duolingo encourages language learning through daily challenges and the ability to track progress, making it a fun and motivating learning experience.

Provider: Duolingo
Levels: beginner, advanced
Price: from 14,90 € per month (based on 1 month)
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: free lessons



  • Free lessons
  • Discounts for bookings of 6 or 12 months duration

About the provider Duolingo:

Duolingo is a popular language learning app provider that is characterised by its fun and interactive approach to language learning. Compared to more traditional methods such as those used by Rosetta Stone, Duolingo offers a free and accessible approach that is particularly popular with younger learners.

Our opinion of the Duolingo Norwegian app:

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Duolingo Norwegian app. Its playful approach with motivating reward systems makes learning Norwegian a fun and interactive experience.

The lessons are well structured and provide an excellent basis for beginners to learn and understand the language effectively.

Link to the provider:


Memrise – Norwegian

The Norwegian app from Memrise offers personalised lessons based on learners’ interests. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide human-like conversational practice complemented by videos of native speakers.

This method allows users to practise Norwegian in real-life contexts. The lessons have been created by expert linguists and aim to prepare learners to speak naturally in everyday situations.

Memrise offers an effective and interactive learning experience for all language levels.

Provider: Memrise
Levels: beginner, advanced
Price: from 11,90 € per month (based on 1 month)
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: free lessons



  • free lessons
  • modern AI modules

About the provider Memrise:

Memrise is a language learning provider that differentiates itself from native speakers through its focus on learning through real life situations and the use of videos. The platform uses memory techniques and personalised learning to provide users with an effective and entertaining language experience.

Our opinion of the Norwegian app from Memrise:

The Memrise Norwegian app is an excellent choice for English-speaking learners who want to learn Norwegian. Similar to the well-known Rosetta Stone language courses, Memrise offers a unique and interactive learning experience that is particularly enriched by the use of real life situations and videos from native speakers. This approach helps to learn the language in a natural and engaging way.

Link to the provider:


Pimsleur – Norwegian course

The Pimsleur app offers an interactive and effective approach to learning Norwegian. Unfortunately, it is currently only available for learners with English as a source language.

It focuses on speaking and understanding the language through daily exercises that are available both online and offline.

The app dynamically adapts to the user’s learning needs and progress and is compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as being suitable for use on a computer.

Logo Pimsleur Provider: Pimsleur
Levels: beginner, advanced
Price: from 300,00 $
Can be used on: smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC
Demo: free lessons



  • Premium courses
  • Free trial lessons

About the provider Pimsleur:

Pimsleur is an established provider of language learning programmes known for its audio-based learning approach that focuses on oral conversation and listening comprehension. Pimsleur’s method is particularly effective for learners who want to learn a new language through active listening and speaking.

Our opinion of the Norwegian course from Pimsleur:

I am impressed with the Pimsleur Norwegian language course. The focus on oral comprehension and active speaking practice make this course particularly effective. Pimsleur’s methodical approach makes it possible to progress quickly and learn the language in a natural way, which is especially helpful for beginners.

Link to the provider:


For those who want to learn Norwegian, it’s important to know that Rosetta Stone, one of the most popular language learning platforms, does not currently offer a Norwegian course. Rosetta Stone is known for its immersive approach and focus on intuitive language learning methods, but if you’re looking for a Norwegian course, you’ll need to turn to other providers. There are many alternative programmes that offer high quality Norwegian courses to suit the needs of beginners through to advanced learners.

Learn Norwegian with apps – The best Norwegian language courses for smartphone and tablet

The Norwegian learning apps’ claimes are promising: speaking fluent Norwegian after just a few months.

Talking animals, lots of music and bright colours are supposed to make this possible.

Regardless of whether the promises can be kept, language learning apps are hitting a nerve with Germans. According to a survey, almost one in three Germans have started learning a new language in the last two years or want to start in the next year.

The reason given is that foreign languages help when looking for a job, on holiday or in everyday working life.

But beware: many apps are free in their basic form. If you really want to learn successfully with the apps, you have to download additional functions and content for a fee. Subscriptions that are automatically renewed can also quickly become really expensive.

We therefore recommend that you cancel subscriptions as soon as they expire. This way, there are no additional costs as the subscription cannot be extended unnoticed.