Norwegian dimensions, weights and abbrevations [Overview]

The dimensions and weights in Norway are very similar to other European countries. The abbreviations are very specific. But see for yourself.

Norwegian dimensions, weights and abbrevations Learning Norwegian

Dimensions and weights

In Norway, the international standard measurements for length, area, volume, weight and temperatures are used. This means that the units used are meter (m), liter (L), gram (g) and degree Celsius (°C).

Some specific units used in Norway are:

For area: hectare (ha)
For weight: ton (t)
In terms of currency, the Norwegian krone (NOK) is the official currency in Norway. Banknotes and coins are in circulation and there are also many ATMs and banks that are easily accessible.

It is important to note that some units and terms used in Norway may differ from those used in other parts of Europe or the world. It is always advisable to make sure that you use the correct units and terms to avoid misunderstandings.

1 millimeter en millimeter ¼ liter en kvart liter
1 centimeter en centimeter 1 gram ett gram
1 dezimeter en desimeter 100 gram en hekto
1 meter en meter 1 pound ett pund
1 kilometer en kilometer 1 Kilogram en kilo
1 inch en tomme 1 tone ett tonn
1 feet en fot 1 piece ett stykke
1 Mile en mil 1 part en del
1 nautic mile en sjømil 1 pair ett par
1 squaremeter en kvadratmeter 1 dozen ett dusin
1 squarekilometer en kvadratkilometer 1 portion en porsjon
1 cubikmeter en kubikkmeter 1 packing en pakke
1 liter en liter 1 bag en sekk
½ liter en halvliter

Norwegian abbreviations

In Norway, as in other countries, abbreviations are used to shorten words or phrases and save time and space. Some of the most common abbreviations in Norway are:

It is important to note that abbreviations are not always obvious and it is important to know what they mean to avoid misunderstandings. It is also possible that some abbreviations are regional or industry specific and are not used in all areas.

A/S aksjeselskap Stock corporation
ang. angående regarding, concerning
ank. ankomst arrival
avg. avgang departure
bl.a. blant annet among other things
ca. cirka approx.
dvs. det vil si that is
eftf. efterfølger Successor
el. eller or
f.eks. for eksempel for example
fhv. forhenværende former
gt. gate street
inkl. inklusive including
kl. klokka clock
kr kroner Crowns (currency)
m.o.h. meter over havet meter above sea level
med. medisinsk medical
mnd. måned month
NAF Norges automobilforbund Norw. Automobile Accociation
NSB Norges Statsbaner Norw. state railroad company
obs! observer! Notice!
omtr. omtrent approx.
osv. og så videre and so on
p.g.a. på grunn av due to
t.h. til høyre right side
t.o.m. til og med up to and including
t.v. til venstre left side
tfl. telefon telephon
vedr. vedrørende regarding, concerning